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Little corella management

Released on 07 January 2020
Corella Management CoS Hero.png

The City of Salisbury has been made aware of Little Corellas roosting and loitering in Burton & Springbank Waters areas. The large flock of birds is causing a significant amount of noise and damage to trees, ovals, recreational areas and some buildings.

To reduce the impact the City of Salisbury will be taking the following action:

  1. Spotlighting on street trees along streets in Burton & Springbank Waters.
  2. Audible bird-scaring devices such as stockwhips, sirens and pyrotechnics (within policy guidelines) conducted in the evening to discourage roosting.

From Monday 13 January 2020 the methods will be implemented from sunset until just after dark. The actions will be taken initially over a few consecutive days then at two to three day intervals.

The actions are expected to occur over a few months, depending on the activity of the birds.

These methods can cause issues for pets due to unexpected noise, so please be mindful of this and take necessary precautions if your pets are likely to be affected.