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Council Election Update

Released on 30 November 2018
Election update.png

The City of Salisbury would like to congratulate all re-elected and new elected members following the completion of the recent Local Government Elections.


Mayor Gillian Aldridge was re-elected and will continue in the role she has held since 2008.

In the Central Ward, councillors Chad Buchanan and Donna Proleta won re-election. Two first time members – councillors Maria Blackmore and Adam Duncan - were elected to the East Ward. Julie Woodman was re-elected to the South Ward and will be joined by the newly elected Natasha Henningsen. Shiralee Reardon was returned to the Hills Ward, and will be joined on Council by newly elected Peter Jensen.

Two newly elected members – Sarah Ouk and Kylie Grenfell - will occupy the Para Ward positions, while Graham Reynolds and the newly elected David Hood won election in the North Ward. Beau Brug won re-election in the West Ward and will be joined by the newly elected Lisa Braun.