City of Salisbury Secures Federal Funding for Local Drug Action Team

Released on 30 May 2018

City of Salisbury will receive Federal Government funding from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to lead the establishment of a new Local Drug Action Team (LDAT).

The Northern Adelaide Local Drug Action Team will be headed by City of Salisbury, which applied to the program as the lead agency. Council will work in partnership with City of Playford, SA Police, Relationships Australia SA, Northern Area Community and Youth Services, Adelaide Public Health Network, and Drug Arm.

Local Drug Action Teams support communities to work together to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs, including crystal methamphetamine (also known as ice or meth).

An initial funding grant of $10,000 will be used to establish the LDAT, engage with the community and develop a Community Action Plan. The Community Action Plan will address the core issues and local needs of the Northern Adelaide region, detail the various strategies to be undertaken, and demonstrate how they will prevent alcohol and drug abuse. Ongoing additional funding will be available to support the priority actions in the action plan.

City of Salisbury Mayor Gillian Aldridge said the Northern Adelaide LDAT will champion a whole-of-community approach for the combined Salisbury and Playford local government areas. 

“City of Salisbury recognised the importance of a local, multi-sector partnership approach as a solid foundation for action,” Mayor Aldridge said.

“The formation of the Northern Adelaide Local Drug Action Team is an important development for our region, as it brings organisations together with the community to identify local issues and plan tailored responses.”

Mayor Aldridge said that Council’s application to the LDAT program was based on a recognised need in the region.

“We want to involve the community and local organisations in positive change,” she said.