A grand plan for the region

Released on 19 July 2018
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Today’s ‘Future Adelaide’ article in The Advertiser details the strong proactive economic focus being driven by northern councils and pays close attention to the large developments we have happening here in Salisbury. Notably Technology Park, the Salisbury Community Hub, Edinburgh Parks and the more than $3.1 billion of investment currently underway or proposed in Salisbury.

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This important economic investment in our City shows Council’s ongoing development and focus on attracting and working with businesses to increase their investment and jobs. Council’s development agenda is a driving force in ensuring Salisbury is a flourishing city with opportunity for all.

We have an exciting period of development ahead, not only with the Salisbury City Centre revitalisation, but the fact Salisbury is at the centre of South Australia’s economy with a Gross Regional Product of $6.37 billion. There are almost 7000 businesses in Salisbury creating more than 53,000 jobs. This is an important economic factor but it also drives social impact and the way our community integrates.

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All images: The Advertiser, 19 July 2018