Elector Representation Review

Submissions close at 05:00PM on Wednesday 26 April 2017

The City of Salisbury is undertaking a review to determine whether a change of arrangements is required in respect to elector representation. This review is undertaken every eight years and is to ensure that the electors of the area are being adequately and fairly represented. 

Following the round of consultation on the Representation Review Paper, Council considered all the relevant provisions of the Local Government Act 1999, the information and alternatives contained within the Representation Options Paper and the matters raised in the written submission received.  Council has now prepared an Amended Representation Review Report that proposed the following in respect to its future composition and structure.

  • The principal member of Council continue to be a mayor, elected by the community 
  • The Council area continue to be divided into wards.  
  • The Council area be divided into seven (7) wards, consistent with the ward structure presented as Option 3 in the Representation Options paper.  
  • The future elected body of Council comprise fourteen (14) ward councillors.  
  • The proposed wards be identified as West Ward (1); Central Ward (2); North Ward (3); Para Ward (4); East Ward (5); Hills Ward (6); and South Ward (7).

The Amended Representation Review Report is available for consideration - a copy is available at the Related Information link below or may be viewed and/or a copy purchased at the Council Civic Centre at 12 James Street, Salisbury.

Interested members of the community are invited to make a written submission expressing their views on the proposed future composition and structure of Council. Submissions will be accepted until 5.00pm on the 26 April 2017 and should be addressed to;

Chief Executive Officer
PO Box 8
Salisbury 5108

or emailed to city@salisbury.sa.gov.au by close of business on Wednesday 26 April 2017.

Council will consider the submissions; hear from the individual community members who may wish to address Council in support of their submission; finalise its decision; and prepare a report for presentation to the Electoral Commissioner. The final stage of the review involves certification of the Council proposal by the Electoral Commissioner and gazettal of any amendments to Council's composition and/or ward structure.

Any changes to Council’s composition and/or ward structure as a consequence of the review will come into effect at the next Local Government election (scheduled for November 2018).