The Legends Awards


In 2015, the City of Salisbury replaced its popular ‘Living Legends’ acknowledgements with a new annual community recognition program called The Legends Awards. 

There are so many individuals and groups doing great things, so The Legends Awards were specifically designed to identify community champions across all sectors of our City. 

Three Legends Awards are presented each October, with nominations opening in August / September. Winners are announced at a Mayoral Awards Function at John Harvey Gallery in the categories of:

  • Living Legend: An individual or group improving quality of life in the City of Salisbury through learning and education, volunteering, environmental sustainability or community safety.  
  • Working Legend: An individual or group that is enhancing the City of Salisbury by showcasing business excellence, or an individual or group improving the City of Salisbury through their business collaborations, events or innovation.  
  • Active Legend: An individual or a group that has helped build pride and success in the City of Salisbury as a sportsperson, team, coach, umpire, official, artist or musician. 

The Legends Awards are presented to groups or individuals who help build pride and capacity in the Salisbury community, achieve excellence in their chosen profession, trade or past time, actively support efforts to stimulate investment and attract new residents, and generally raise community confidence. They are people from all walks of life, who either live, work or play in the Salisbury area, and are forerunners in their chosen field or endeavour.