Travel and Credit Card Transactions

Credit Card Transaction Reports for Executive Staff

It was resolved at the Council meeting held in January 2018:

"That the credit card transactions of the Chief Executive Officer and General Managers of the City of Salisbury Council be displayed on the Council website on a quarterly basis and for a period of two years from the date of the transaction."

The quarterly transaction reports will be listed below and updated on a quarterly basis:

Purchase Card Transaction Quarterly Reporting - January - March 2018

Purchase Card Transaction Quarterly Reporting - April - June 2018

Purchase Card Transaction Quarterly Reporting - July - September 2018 

Purchase Card Transaction Quartrly Reporting - October - December 2018


Overseas Travel 2010-2018

The January 2018 Council Meeting also resolved details of overseas travel by an Elected Member or member of staff representing the City of Salisbury during the current and previous term of Council be made available on the Council website.

In the interests of being open and transparent, below are details of overseas travel undertaken by Elected Members and staff since the beginning of the previous term of Council (as at April 2018).


Description of Travel


Which Elected and Staff Members Attended?






 Reason for Travel


Council Decision

6 - 8 March 2013

New Zealand

Local Government Chief Officers’ Group Conference

John Harry, CEO


Cost to Council: $1121 (flights, accommodation and conference registration)

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To network with other CEOs.


23 - 30 July 2014

Mobara, Japan

Sister Cities Delegation

Mayor Gillian Aldridge, Cr Betty Gill, Cr Julie Woodman, Cr Donna Proleta, John Harry, CEO, Nichola Kapitza, Manager Community Planning and Vitality

Cost to Council: $4,053.22 (this was the cost for Nichola Kapitza attending)

All other attendees paid their own expenses.

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To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the City of Mobara and the 10 year anniversary of the signing of the Sister City Agreement.


Item SCSC2

9 - 18 January 2015

London, England

State Government Delegation at the invitation of the Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation and Minister for Automotive Transformation

John Harry, CEO

Cost to Council: $2,696 (flights, accommodation, travel, some meals)

Total cost for CEO to attend - $5,696 (noting the State Government contributed $3,000 towards costs).

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To support the development of a five year economic plan, the Minister led a tour of communities in the UK which had undertaken significant adjustments in response to major industry closures. The tour enabled a clear understanding of strategies, outcomes and processes applied in these communities, including the differing roles of industry, government and research institutions in implementing those strategies.


General Business Item 3

22 - 29 May 2015


Shandong Province (Linyi), China

Premier’s Delegation (2n Shandong Province Business Forum Mission)


Mayor Gillian Aldridge

John Harry, CEO


Cost to Council:

Approx. $9,400 ($4,700 per delegate covering flights, accommodation, train and visa).


25 – 27 May - Shandong - South Australia Cooperation and Development Forum (commencing in Jinan and concluding in Qingdao) and included signing of the Shandong - South Australia Local Government Economic Development Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding by the SD Bureau of Commerce and the SA Dept of State Development.

Case study briefings of doing business with China and discussions with property consultants also took place.

Undertaken for economic development purposes, at the invitation of the State Government.





7 - 11 June 2015


Rotorua, New Zealand

Institute of Public Works Engineers Australasia; International Federation of Municipal Engineers International Conference


Mark van der Pennen, General Manager City Infrastructure

John Hutton, Manager Projects


Cost to Council:

$6,437 (flights, accommodation and conference).


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Maintain industry knowledge, innovation, technical expertise, professional development, networking.



CEO approval

4 - 10 April 2016


Shandong Province (Linyi), China

State Government Delegation



Mayor Gillian Aldridge

John Harry, CEO

Greg Ratsch, Manager Economic Development


Cost to Council: Approx. $9,600.


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Undertaken for economic development purposes in the northern areas, at the invitation of the State Government.



Item 1.2.1


25 July - 1 August 2018 Mobara, Japan

Sister City
Deputy Mayor, Cr Linda Caruso

Cr Graham Reynolds

Jo Cooper, Manager Community Capacity & Learning
Cost to Council for staff member attending:

$2,584 (flights, transfers, meals, accommodation, baggage service)
Click here to access itinerary. Sister City delegation. 18/12/2017