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Council Fees and Charges

The Fees & Charges for the 2019/2020 budget have been endorsed by Council. 

Fees & Charges can be updated throughout the financial year and therefore should be reviewed periodically.

Download a full list of 2019/2020 Council Fees and Charges

The basis for increase in fees and charges in 2019/2020 is determined by the following categories:

Statutory Charges

Where charges are made in accordance with legislation requirements, such charges have been adjusted in accordance with any legislative changes at the time but may be subject to further changes.

Fees under the control of Council

In general, fees have been increased in line with inflation for the purposes of the 2019/2020 budget. 

Some fees however, will have been increased by different amounts based on specific cost pressure or market forces or may have been subject to some recent Council policy decision.

In some cases fees are subsidies or discounted from normal commercial rates in order to achieve social / community objectives or provide specific benefit to residents.