By Laws

The Local Government Act 1999 and other Acts provide power for Council to make By-Laws for licensing, prohibiting, regulating and controlling specific activities within its area.

By-Laws are legally enforceable and impact upon all residents and visitors within the Council area from time-to-time.

The Act requires Council to undertake a public consultation process and consider the community's comments before making By-Laws. The process ensures public participation in Council decisions that may affect day-to-day activities of the community.

By-Laws already in existence and all amendments thereto expire on 1 January 2016 (S 251(1)).

Council also has power to make Orders over practices on private land. To support this power Council has adopted an Order Making Policy.

This document also contains all Council resolutions utilised in applying the powers cited.

Below is a list of downloadable documents:

By-law 1 Permits Penalties (PDF, 23KB)

By-law 2 Movable Signs (PDF, 38KB)

By-law 3 Roads (PDF, 33KB)

By-law 4 Local Government Land (PDF, 74KB)

By-law 5 Dogs (PDF, 31KB)

By-law 6 Waste Management (PDF, 29KB)

Any questions or concerns relating to the application or enforcement of any of the above By-Laws should be directed to Darren Hurst (08) 8406 8369 in the first instance.