New Residents to Salisbury

welcome booklet

Welcome to the City of Salisbury. We are pleased to welcome you as a new resident and have a booklet available for you that explains the range of services provided by Council and offers other useful information for new residents about living in the City of Salisbury.


Download the Welcome Booklet here




You can find out about:

  1. Emergency and Council contacts
  2. Council programs and services for culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) residents
  3. Community Centres
  4. Library Services
  5. Sporting Facilities
  6. Parks and Reserves
  7. Waste Collection
  8. Non-Council Services

Download this information in:

  1. Arabic  ReadSpeaker استمع
  2. Bosnian
  3. Chinese-Simplified  ReadSpeaker 朗读
  4. Dari
  5. Dinka
  6. Hindi  ReadSpeaker सुनो
  7. Khmer
  8. Malayalam
  9. Nepal
  10. Spanish  ReadSpeaker Escuchar
  11. Swahili
  12. Tagalog
  13. Tamil
  14. Vietnamese

For further information please contact Customer Service (08) 8406 8222.

Families just arriving in Australia, can download a flyer containing additional information to help you settle into Salisbury.

The City of Salisbury is committed to providing opportunities for people to be active within the community by participating in sport and recreation activities.

For new arrivals to Australia, the City of Salisbury is working with local sport and recreation clubs, community organisations and local schools to create opportunities to come and try the different sport and recreation activities available within the City of Salisbury and to learn how to get involved on a regular basis. For more information on these programs please call Paul Zimny on 8406 8366 or email