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Verge FAQs


What verge maintenance services does Council provide?

The strip of Council owned land between the kerb and the property boundary is known as the 'Verge'. The City of Salisbury currently spends over $1 million a year on verge maintenance.

Many residents (approximately 60% ) prefer to manage and maintain the Council owned area in front of their residences to a higher standard to the service level provided by the Council. Refer to the Verge Development by Residents page.

Where residents choose not to or are unable to maintain the verge adjacent to their property, Council will provide maintenance services to ensure the verge area does not present an unacceptable risk to the community.

Maintenance services standards include:

  • Levelling - the verge surface is even and free of potholes and depressions or mounds.
  • Weed control - where proclaimed pest plants have been identified.
  • Grass cutting - Verges will be slashed to reduce the grass loadings through out the year. This is a grass reduction service not a lawn mowing service.
  • Picking up the rubbish from the verge before cutting.
  • Cut grass on kerb to a height of 80mm.
  • Grass clippings are not collected and are left on the verge area.
  • Edging the road kerb.
  • Edge footpath and driveways.

When is my verge going to be mowed?

Refer to the Verge Cutting Program to see where the contractors are currently cutting, where they are due and have recently cut.

This Program is accurate and updated at least once per month. It is not possible to tell a customer exactly when the verge on their street is going to be mowed, however, information is normally correct to within +/– one week.

Where cars are parked adjacent to the verge, cutting will not take place. This is to avoid potential damage to vehicles. The site will then be cut next cycle if clear to do so. 

Why is the grass cut so high?

It is Councils policy for the verge reserve to be cut at 80mm (or 3 inches).

There are two main reasons:

  1. Grass cutting blades spin at about 2000rpm, this generates considerable force on objects that can become dangerous projectiles. By cutting at a height of 80mm a compromise is reached between cutting high enough to miss most stones, golf balls, sticks and cans and leaving the verge looking good after cutting.
  2. Cutting at 80mm reduces the infestation of pest plants that can infest the verge later in summer. This is particularly the case with caltrop (cat head burr).

Why is there grass left in the gutter?

Grass cutting equipment and the location of verges in proximity to the kerb and gutter results in some grass being deposited in the gutter. This will be swept within 24-48 hrs.

What areas is the City of Salisbury not responsible for?

The City of Salisbury maintains all the verge and median area grass in the City of Salisbury except the following:

  • Bridge Road median
  • Montague Road median
  • Main North Road median

These areas are maintained by DPTI: 1800 018 216.

What if my question is not listed here?

  • Contact our friendly customer centre staff on 8406 8222.
  • Speak to us in person at the Municipal Offices - 12 James Street, Salisbury.
  • Use our online contact form.