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Mawson Lakes Development Plan Amendment


The Mawson Lakes Development Plan Amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning on the 7 July 2016, but has split the DPA into two parts.

Proposed Changes

The DPA will amend Council’s Development Plan to update the development controls for Mawson Lakes. The previous zone was MFP (The Levels) which was introduced as an interim measure to provide flexible policy to facilitate development of the area. The newly approved planning policy introduced through the Development Plan Amendment will introduce more detailed policy to guide future development.


The main suite of policies is approved in Part 1 of the DPA. These affect the newly identified Residential Policy Area, Urban Core Zone and Transition Area, Mawson Innovation Policy Area (Technology Park and University of South Australia), Airport Runway Control Area, Main Shopping Policy Area and the Infrastructure Policy Area.

The Minister has required in Part 1:

  • Removal of policies that sought to impose similar requirements to the Mawson Lakes encumbrance on fencing and minor works. The Minister has considered these proposed policies are inconsistent with the SA Planning Policy Library principles which require that Development Plan policies only address matters that require development approval, and the
  • Reinstatement of recommended minimum building heights of four stories for the Core Area of the Urban Core Zone. (Council had endorsed the removal of the minimum building heights.) The Minister considers the reinstatement is necessary to encourage higher density development in these locations.

The requirements of the Minister for Part 2 of the DPA are that:

  • The 5.5ha section of the Shoalhaven wetlands that was proposed by Council to be in the Residential Zone will retain the current zone - MFP (Levels) - until such time as a Community Land Revocation process under the Local Government Act 1999 has occurred and been approved by the relevant Minister, and then considered and approved by the Minister for Planning.
  • The Mary/Dan Street area that was proposed by Council to be in the Residential Zone with policies protecting the industrial activities, will now retain the current zone – MFP (Levels) until an alternative Zone is agreed upon.  The Minister is concerned that the proposed policies of Council would put unnecessary pressure on the existing businesses to relocate and recommends an alternate zone of a mixed use nature from the planning policy library such as Urban Corridor – Business Policy Area which would allow a mix of non-residential uses and residential uses at higher densities.  This alternative zone and associated policies is to be determined at a later time and subject to further consideration and endorsement of Council and approval of the Minister for Planning.

The amendments to the City of Salisbury Development Plan have now been incorporated by the Department of Planning and Transport. The Development Plan can be found here.



The DPA was available for consultation from Thursday 22 January 2015 until Friday 20 march 2015.  

An electronic version of the DPA can be downloaded here:

Mawson Lakes DPA

A community information sheet with further details regarding the DPA and the DPA process can be downloaded here:

Community Information Sheet

A public hearing is scheduled to be held at the Council chambers at 12 James St, Salisbury at 7:30pm on Tuesday 21 April, 2015.

Copies of submissions received during the consultation period are available for viewing at Council’s Office and on this website from Monday 23 March until Tuesday 21 April 2015.

Copies of public submissions

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure;
Part 1
Part 2- Please note this is a large document.
Part 3