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General Requirements for Development Applications

Information of your development is essential to enable Council to assess your application quickly.  Please contact Council if you are unsure about any of these requirements. For changes of land use, some parts may not be relevant.

Planning Consent

Development Application and Electricity Declaration Forms are required to be completed and can be found by clicking here.

 Copy of Certificate of Title

Site plan, drawn to scale, which includes:

  • Allotment boundaries;
  • Location of existing buildings (if relevant) in reference to the boundaries;
  • Location of proposed building/s;
  • Dimensioned distances between the building/s and boundaries and any existing buildings;
  • Location of any Regulated or Significant Trees (including on adjacent sites);
  • Method and direction of disposal of stormwater;
  • Driveway access arrangements including details relevant to access and on-site manoeuvring (if relevant);
  • On-site car parking;
  • Landscaping;
  • Location of any easements;
  • North point.

Floor Plan, drawn to scale, which includes:

  • Envelope of building, dimensions of all rooms, intended use of rooms, window and access arrangements;
  • If adding to an existing building, the existing floor plan should be shown and differentiated from the new building work.

 Elevation Plans, drawn to scale, in reference to the four sides of the building which depict the overall appearance of the building work and include:

  • Dimensioned wall height;
  • Dimensioned total height;
  • Details of roof pitch;
  • Schedule of materials and colours (or annotated);
  • If adding to an existing building, the elevation should show the combined appearance;
  • Details of any site level differences.

Civil Plan, drawn to scale, prepared by a civil engineer which includes:

  • Site levels (spot heights or contours) and top of kerb height;
  • Proposed cut/fill and design finished floor levels;
  • Location and heights of any retaining walls;
  • Alignment, width and grade of driveway;
  • Details of any changes to the invert and driveway crossover;
  • Stormwater management arrangements including pipes, sumps, drains, grates etc.

Industrial, Commercial and Retail developments require the following additional information:

  • Statement of intended use, including the processes and activities to be carried out, description of all machines used;
  • Number of employees;
  • Days and hours of proposed use;
  • Statement of the impacts of the activity such as noise, odour, dust and measures to ameliorate these impacts;
  • Details of expected levels of noise;
  • Landscaping Plan;
  • Plans for any signage.

Building Rules Consent

Technical drawings, drawn to scale, which shall include:

  • Wall and roof framing layouts including racking force bracing, tie down provisions and truss computations (if applicable);
  • Details of structural connections, drawn to a scale of not less than 1:20;
  • Wet area details;
  • Architectural working drawings suitable for construction.

Specifications which shall include:

  • A building specification which lists the materials and workmanship required by the Building Rules to comply with the Development Act 2008 and Development Regulations 2008.  The current Master Builders Association or Housing Industry Association standard specification;
  • Energy efficiency report.

Engineering details from a qualified structural engineer including any structural calculations that are necessary (ie. roof or floor beams, retaining walls etc.).

Copy of Indemnity Insurance (required for all domestic building work valued $12,000 and over)

Evidence of payment of the CITB Levy (required for all work over $40,000)


Some properties are subject to an Encumbrance or Land Management Agreement, which is a legal document that binds the owner and may regulate the use of the land or the type of construction that may be permitted.  Encumbrance Approval may be required from Council in some instances.

Further Information

Please note that the information above is intended as a guide only. 

 Further clarification of these matters can be obtained from the Development Services Department on 8406 8222 or email