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Building Safely Near Powerlines

 A key feature of the South Australian planning and development system is the ability to integrate a number of development assessment requirements necessitated under separate Acts of Parliament so that only a single development authorisation is given.

In January 2006 the Development Regulations were amended to incorporate the requirements of the Technical Regulator in relation to powerline setback distances required under the Electricity Act 1996. In April 2006 the Regulations specified that these provisions commence on 1 January 2007.This integration is designed to avoid the problems of buildings having to be altered or even demolished as they contravene the requirements of the Electricity Act.

In order to assist this process, the Technical Regulator has prepared guidelines on setback requirements, and also will provide a telephone service to applicants where advice can be given prior to signing the standard declaration.

The office of the Technical Regulator has produced a brochure Building Safely Near Powerlines to assist applicants and councils.

In order to further streamline the procedures, the Regulations enable applicants to confirm, by way of a written declaration made when lodging a development application, that a proposed building is sufficiently setback from existing powerlines. If such a standard declaration is not signed, the application will be referred to the Technical Regulator for their direction with referral fee being paid by the applicant.

Building safely near powerlines;

Declaration of Applicant - Building Safely Near Powerlines

Building Safely Near Powerlines brochure

For more information, call the Office of the Technical Regulator on 08 8226 5789 or visit the web site of the Technical Regulator at