Infrastructure Guidelines

Council is currently finalising a set of Infrastructure Guidelines which will outline Council’s requirements for the design and construction of all civil infrastructure modified or constructed as part of new development or capital works.

The Guidelines relate to Earthworks, Roads, Stormwater, Street Lighting, Landscaping and Road Furniture and Recycled Water. 

Requirements for larger master-planned developments or sites where the standard requirements may not be able to be accommodated may be negotiated and in such instances, contact should be made with Development Engineering on 8406 8222 early in the design process.

The Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the following documents:

  • City of Salisbury Landscape Plan
  • City of Salisbury Development Plan
  • Austroads Guide to Traffic Engineering Practice
  • Relevant Australian Standards (as specified)
  • Relevant Legislation (as specified)

Council also acknowledge the Infrastructure Guidelines SA – Standards and Requirements for the Design and Construction of Infrastructure Assets in South Australia released by the LGA in July 2017.  Council’s Infrastructure Guidelines and standard detail drawings take precedence over the industry document however Council is supportive of moving to an industry standard guideline at some stage in the future.