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Retail Development

Shops are encouraged within designated centre zones and in the case of bulky goods, within designated bulky goods zones.  Shops may take a range of forms which may include traditional retailing, bulky goods, restaurants and personal services establishment. In limited instances, shops may be appropriate outside of centre zones and shall be:

  • of a size and type that will not hinder the development, function or viability of any centre zone;
  • compatible with the nature of existing uses in the locality. 

Planning Consent

An application for planning consent is assessed against the Salisbury Development Plan, which is the policy document used to guide the growth of Salisbury.  The Development Plan seeks:

  • Buildings should achieve an architectural style that is complementary to the existing centre;
  • Development at the interface with a different zone has regard to the amenity and use of land in the adjacent zone;
  • Adequate on-site car parking is provided for staff and customers and shall include well located disabled car parking;
  • Adequate bicycle parking is provided;
  • Access is designed to facilitate entry and exit for the expected number of customers;
  • A network of pedestrian paths is provided which is separated from car parking areas, facilitates disability access and is well lit;
  • Principles of water sensitive urban design are implemented into car parking and driveway areas;  
  • A coordinated landscaping theme is implemented and shall include and planting of shade trees within car parking areas;
  • External storage and waste disposal areas are screened from public view and arrangements are in place to enable collection;
  • Signage employs a consistent design theme;
  • For bulky goods, provision is made for collection of bulky items.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Council’s Planning department at the preliminary planning stage of the proposal to identify if the site is suitable for development and to identify key design issues. 

Public Notification

Some retail developments may be subject to a public notification process where the development is located outside of a designated centre zones or is adjacent to a different zone.  In some instances, third party appeal rights may be introduced.

Government Referrals

Some developments may be subject to consultation with government agencies such as where the site has access to an arterial road or where the site is located near an airport.

Environmental Health Requirements

Activities involving the handling or preparation of food is subject to the requirements of the Food Act 2001 and Food Safety Standard 3.2.3.  Applicants are encouraged to contact Council’s Environmental Health Team at an early stage to identify relevant food safety requirements. Personal services establishments such as hairdressers, beauty salons and tattoo parlours are also subject to meeting hygiene standards. To find out more, please visit Environmental Health for Business webpage or contact 8406 8222.

Outdoor Dining Information

Outdoor dining is encouraged in association with approved restaurants and cafes on Council land but must comply with Council’s Footpath Trading Policy or contact 8406 8222.

Further Information

Please note that the information above is intended as a guide only. Further clarification of these matters can be obtained from the Development Services Department on 8406 8222 or email

Lodge Development Application

If you wish to proceed to lodge a development application online please click Application Lodgement